Free Bonus Spell #4

If you are having trouble remembering or having dreams, this recipe is just for you!


1 glass of water

1 block of camphor

1 white kerchief

St. Claire Water

Holy Water

1 white candle.

Before going to bed,  light your white candle pray 3 Our Fathers and 3 Hail Marys

Take the glass of water and pray to God and the Spirits.

Place the camphor in the glass.  Put three drops of St. Claire water.

Then say

“In the name of the Most High, and his Beautiful St. Clara, she who clears all things, brings illumination to the darkness, I petition here beautiful St. Claire, that the same way this water is clear that means I see my dreams clearly and remember them clearly.  The same way that I can see through this glass of water that means I can see through my dreams in the same way”

Rub your arms, neck and face with some St. Claire Water

Tie the white kerchief on your head and go to sleep.  While falling asleep say:

I see all of my dreams clearly and remember them!

Good Luck!

Houngan Hector

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