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Receiving a Kanzo, Bautizo, Asiento, or any other Initiation, Things to Consider. . . .

Receiving a Kanzo, Initiation, Baptism, or other Ceremony of Initiation

I was recently speaking to a Mambo friend of mine and she was complaining to me about how one of her initiates had gone off claiming she was no

good, that he couldn’t mount spirits, that he wasn’t able to do work as good as she, and blah blah blah  . . . .   She was a bit upset because

she has done nothing but good by this person.  Spending ample time training him, working with him and trying to show him the way.

Now, I know this Mambo for quite a long time now.  I know that when she does give a ceremony it is an authentic initiation, it is correctly done

with all the proper sub ceremonies that are required. 

This is an all too common issue.

Some individuals have the belief that once they get initiated they will be the instant beneficiary of all types of Supernatural Powers . . . oh

and without any work on their part!  Some of these individuals are truly naive, others have been misled by others to truly believe this, and

still yet others simply don’t listen (or don’t want to listen)

You won’t believe some of what I’ve heard over time . . .as to what these individuals believe they should be able to do and get (ie PHYSICALLY

Teleport to other locations, GO PHYSICALLY Invisible, PHYSICALLY FLY (Yes, folks, these are just a few.  And I mean, spread your arms and flap,

and go somewhere instead of an airplane!)

Some individuals also buy into the misconception that they will have a life dominated by riches, success in all areas of life, never have any

obstacle, trial or other issue, and that all of this will come without any work.  Again, some are also misled to believe this.

Yet, others believe that once they initiate they will have the automatic ability to mount spirits or that all people mount spirits or should be

able to mount Spirits.  And they should be able to call them to come in a seconds notice . . . .  oh, again without any work on their part.  From

what I have seen from expierence, in many/most cases, the reasons for this desire are ego driven and thus they are their own worst impediment.  

I could go on and on. . . . .

I am here to clarify that this Simply Is Not The Case.  This post is not meant to make anyone feel bad or anything else of that nature.  I am

making this post out of love for my fellow human brothers and sisters, children of God, so that those who are misinformed and want to see the

Truth can. 

Not everyone is pathed, or has the ability to, mount Spirits.  Even in those who do have this ability naturally, often the ability of calling

them (different Spirits) into there head is something that must be developed.   To be able to call them as needed and when needed. 

Many people can mount Spirits but are not meant to work for others (regularly) with their Spirits mounted.   Many can mount Spirits on occasion

(usually without the real ability to control the where, when, what Spirit etc) if they work on developing this ability. 

Even those without natural ability to do so, can often work at developing this.  But even with work on development, some will not be able to and

should abandon this in order to work further on developing their other abilities.

Initiation will not make you able to fly instead of taking a plane, go from place to place without phsyically traveling, become invisible while

sitting exactly in someone’s face during a conversation, etc . . . . . if that was the case, we, Houngans and Mambos would have been doing this

long ago!  We would never buy a plane ticket!

No Initiatior (Houngan, Mambo, etc) can give you the Spiritual Power or Light. THis is something that God and the Spirits give you.  They Can

Align you with your Spirits. 

A little common sense often goes a long way. 

Initiation doesn’t mean that you will never have another issue again in life.  In fact, as an Espiritista, we know and say if anything, the

opposite is true.  You will face obstacles because these are trials given to you by God and Spirits.  Through trials and tribulations, the

Spirits test our konesans, our loyalty, and our will and determination.  If we pass, we advance spiritually.  If we do not, we must face the

consequences of our actions. 

If you look at the lives of any of the world’s greatests Spiritual Leaders, you will see that being a great Espiritista (or whomever you may be,

Houngan or Mambo, Santero, Etc) and having the ability to work with Spiritual Light and Power, also means that you will face many trials,

tribulations and tests.   Most good Houngans and Mambos never end up rich, but they do live comfortably but not rich. 

With great power comes great responsibility . . . .

What the Spirits can do for you?

The Spirits can push things in the right direction for you.  They can affect a change for you (also if you allow them to do so), if that

situation or case can be changed.  You will not always get everything that you want.  And you aren’t suppossed to.  Not all things can be changed

or made different.   The Spirits can warn us, provide us with some answers that we may need, and help us make wise decisions.  However it is up

to the individual to take their advice or not.  The Spirits can protect us, help us make changes and change situation, and most of all GIVE US


What you choose to do with that opportunity is up to you.

You must be working in the physical realm in congruency with your desire.  Doing things here, which are steps towards your goal as well.

An initiation will align you with the Spirits.  Clear any obstacles that are hindering your spiritual development/communication, give you a

Title, give you tools to work with and information to work with.  Give you the traditional knowledge that is passed down.   But the most

important Konnesans that you will receive, comes directly from the Spirits.

But you must do the work.

I want you to take a moment, and imagine that when your initiator is initiating you, they are planting the seed within you.

It is up to you to water that seed, make sure that it gets sunlight, talk to it, etc so that it can grow into a strong healthy plant. It is up to

you to remove any weeds that may try to grow up around it, etc.    Just like your initiator did before you, and his/her initiator before them,etc


Remember, when you get initiated, you are commiting yourself to alot of work and responsibility.  Not simply rewards.

We can put the base of the soup together for you, but you must season it yourself so that it tastes good to you!  We cannot taste it for you too.

 We cannot eat it for you, and then you get the strength from the food.

Remember it is God who gives.

Spiritual Progress and Development to All,
Houngan Hector