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Fete Gede Celebration 2010

Fete Gede Celebration 2010
Bonswa La Sosyete! 

We here at Gade Nou Leve are welcoming all of you to join us our Fete Gede Celebration!

I know I am a bit late with our announcement, and do apologize, but have been incredibly busy all year long. . .

We will be having our annual Fet Gede this upcoming Saturday 10/30 @ 330 pm in our Temple in Berlin, NJ.  We will be doing an

illumination to all of our ancestors the Friday before.   If you would like to come, please contact my Secretary at


The Gede family is incredible as a whole.  They are funny and comic, yet deep and insightful in the same stroke.  They remind us of the

many joys of life and why we should enjoy it to the fullest!  Their knowledge is ancient and their powers extrordinary. 

I will be posting a load of information about the Gedes throughout the month of November on my blog at

So bookmark it and check it regularly as we have loads to talk about when it comes to Gede!

I wish all of you a happy Halloween and an exciting Fet Gede! 

Houngan Hector