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EarthQuake in Haiti

Fellow Vodouisants,

Wishing you the best.

I have a few thoughts as to the EarthQuake in Haiti that I would like to share with all of my fellow Vodouisants and

keep you up to date as to what we have been up to.

While the earth quake in Haiti was definately tragic, as Spiritual people and as Vodouisants we know that everything

has significance.  We must remember, that every cloud has a silver lining. Even destruction (or things some may

consider negative) can bring about great blessings, opportunity and change.

I also know that sometimes something really bad needs to happen in order for something really good to happen.  Not

all the time, but there are times that necessitate it.  And that often what many see as a great tragedy, turns out

to be a true blessing.

This is not however to negate the fact that the situation in Haiti is not good.  I realize that.  And our Sosyete

has been collecting funds (mostly within our own membership) to send to our Sosyete in Haiti.  Unfortunately, it is

all too true that Vodouisants are often denied when it comes to receiving aid.  I have also sent money to a few

other Sosyetes and Vodouisant friends. 

I also think that this is a great opportunity for all of us Vodouisants to stop fighting amongst each other and bind

together.  The fact that we are so discriminated against by outsiders only further reinforces this fact.  (Plus it

makes the Vodou religion look bad and makes people think that they are right in believing the false myths that they

have been told/fed)

I am just hoping that out of this True and Permanant Positive change can come to our beloved Haiti.

Some Vodouisants have negated the power of prayer, saying prayer is not what is needed at this time.  With this, I

disagree.  As Vodouisants, we know that prayer and service are powerfully effective in assisting ourselves and

others.  This is what we profess at any other time, and should do so even more in the face of opposition.  However,

prayer alone is not the answer or sufficient, as with anything in life.  Proper steps must be taken in the physical

realm to resolve the situation as well.  Prayer in conjunction with money and charity will take us where we need to

go in order to resolve these issues.

This will not be resolved over night, many problems were there before the quake, and the quake just made things

worse.  This problem wasn’t created, as such, overnight and thus we cannot expect a full turn around quickly.  But

every bit, every day that can be done, gets us a little bit closer.

I want to thank all my fellow Vodouisants who have worked hard to get the information dispersed and really are

getting more and more attention focused onto the problem. To all of those who have prayed for Haiti, done a service,

sent in a donation of any sort.  Every little bit helps.  I want to thank the members of Gade Nou Leve who have been

creating forums and events to generate charity to Haiti and attention, as well as for all the donations they have

sent in for our family back home.

Houngan Hector