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Hello Dear Readers and Friends,

I hope that you are well and are having fun in preparation for the holidays.

I am here to let you know that my webshop, Salva’s Spiritual Supply (previously Botanica Santa Clara) has moved domains to

And that is where you can find me now.   We have lots of new and exciting things going on there.  Also to stay in better communication with my clients, inform you of sales, closings, etc we now also have a blog and site at

Sign up for a membership and keep yourself informed!  Membership is free.  There you will also find my current blog for all those that I am helping. 

See you there,

and Happy Holidays

Reverend Hector Salva (aka Houngan Hector and Papa Hector)


Hello dear readers and friends,

As you may or may not be aware, we are expanding again to make it easier for  you to get to us!  We are opening a new store/shop location in Oaklyn, NJ.   We are now minutes outside Philadelphia, PA, and also close to Public Transport from NJ PATCO from Philadelphia.   Due to this change, we were also required to change the name of the business.  Thus we are now, SALVA’S SPIRITUAL SUPPLY (formerly Botanica Santa Clara).  We will be formally opening and ready to serve you at our new location on September 1st 2011.  SALVA’S SPIRITUAL SUPPLY is located 900 WHITE HORSE PIKE, UNIT A (FRONT DOOR) , OAKLYN, NJ.

If you are coming from Philadelphia, via Public Transport, the easiest way is to take the NJ PATCO train  from 8th & Market St, in Philadelphia to COLLINGSWOOD STATION.    There you can catch a cab for less than 10 dollars to our location.

The following will be available at our new location–

All sorts of spiritual and magical annointing oils

Spiritual baths, extracts and other spiritual bathing products

Spiritual sachet and dressing powders

Readings with Houngan Hector (by appointment only) or with a Mambo (walk in service)

All your spiritual help needed for las 21 Dvisiones, Sanse, Espiritismo and much more!

Hope to see you there,


Houngan Hector


Bonswa La Sosyete,

I wish you all a Happy Fete Gede, a Happy Thanksgiving and a successful month of November. 

Soon we will be moving into the month of December.  And as you may or may not be aware, spiritually December is considered a ‘hot’ month, it is the month of Petro!  It is also the time of year when Vodouisants and Sosyetes, alike, reheat and restrengthen their Gads and Protective Lwa. 

There are many important dates in December.  And many Misterios and Lwa served within the month.    Throughout the month, we will be discussing a variety of topics . . . So please stay tuned, more on that later.

We serve the Petro to protect us spiritually and physically from evil and malicious attacks.    But, they are also the patrons of Powerful Vodou (Voodoo) magic, wanga (spells) and healing well known for their abilities to resolve large problems at lightning speeds. 

During this time, many people will have gads Administered or Reheated.  This is very important, especially in these troubled times, as it serves to keep you well protected. 

If you would like to read more about what a Gad is, you can read more about the Gad ceremonies here:
If you are interested in having a Gad administered or Reheated during this ceremony, contact my secretary here: 

Subject Line:  Gad or Reheat Gad

This year, Gade Nou Leve Vodou Society will be hosting a Petro Ceremony and reheating all of our own protections and Gads and welcome you to come join us. . .
When:  December 11th, 2010 at 3pm
Where:  Berlin, NJ  (contact us for further details)
What to wear:  Bright or colorful clothing
What to bring:  Many people like to bring gifts for various Lwa such as cigars, rum, florida water, money or flowers.
Please contact my Secretary at

Make sure to put in the Subject Line :

Petro Ceremony Information Request 

See you there,
Houngan Hector

Fete Gede Celebration 2010

Fete Gede Celebration 2010
Bonswa La Sosyete! 

We here at Gade Nou Leve are welcoming all of you to join us our Fete Gede Celebration!

I know I am a bit late with our announcement, and do apologize, but have been incredibly busy all year long. . .

We will be having our annual Fet Gede this upcoming Saturday 10/30 @ 330 pm in our Temple in Berlin, NJ.  We will be doing an

illumination to all of our ancestors the Friday before.   If you would like to come, please contact my Secretary at 

The Gede family is incredible as a whole.  They are funny and comic, yet deep and insightful in the same stroke.  They remind us of the

many joys of life and why we should enjoy it to the fullest!  Their knowledge is ancient and their powers extrordinary. 

I will be posting a load of information about the Gedes throughout the month of November on my blog at 
So bookmark it and check it regularly as we have loads to talk about when it comes to Gede!

I wish all of you a happy Halloween and an exciting Fet Gede! 

Houngan Hector

Happy Birthday Santa Clara! Metresa Clarabel!

Happy Birthday to Santa Clara — also known as Metresa Clarabel, La Senorita, and Klemezin Klemay —— in her Sanse, 21 Division, and Haitian Puntos Respectively!

This beautiful Metresa helps people to clear obstacles from their way, to see the truth about a problem, person or situation, assists in divination (in fact, having her work by your side is said to be of great benefit!), to cleanse and protect someone, and much more. . . . . . She loves peace and is extremely clean. 

Santa Clara is willing and  open to help almost anyone with a pure heart and intention.  Approach her with sincerity and she will work wonders for you.

If you would like to give Metresa Clarabel a small service on today, her holy day . . . offer her a seven day white candle and a glass of water, while you pray her prayer.


Houngan Hector

Houngan Hector is coming to the UK

Hello dear readers,

This fall, I will be leading and offering workshops/classes, as well as readings/divination, spiritual work (spells) and more in Glastonbury . . . . For more information and to register (Don’t wait, as there are very few spaces left!  )  you can click here:

I want to thank The Grail Foundation, Witchcraft LTD and Baron’s Magic for making this all possible and hosting/coordinating the events.

I’m so excited to visit the UK again this year.  This is going to be my third trip there and I am extremely excited to see my wonderful initiates there once again!  I miss them all so much. 

I’m going to try to post more information about it soon, myself, it’s just I’ve been so super busy attending my clientel and just finished initiating someone ; )

See you there,

Houngan Hector

Happy Birthday Metresa Lubana


Happy Birthday to Santa Marta La Dominadora! 

Metresa Marta Pye, Metresa Lubana, La Morena, La Colora, Madam Filo —– in all of her Puntos!  Happy Birthday to this great Misterios that has helped tens of thousands resolve all types of problems, from problems at work to issues at home!  

If you have St. Martha walking with you, we suggest that you give her a nice feast or an offering today.

A nice purple candle with her egg would be appropriate— a good grape soda and cigar too! 

Read more about her here:

Happy Birthday Metresa Anaisa Danto Pye Basico!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful mother- Metresa Anaisa Danto Pye Basico!

The Most beautiful, the best of the best, and the most wonderful woman of the La 21 Division!

We had Anaisa’s annual mani this past Saturday and it was a huge success!  I am trying to get some rest and am working on the video . . . so stay tuned.

Just wanted to keep you up to date,


Houngan Hector