Hello dear readers and friends,

As you may or may not be aware, we are expanding again to make it easier for  you to get to us!  We are opening a new store/shop location in Oaklyn, NJ.   We are now minutes outside Philadelphia, PA, and also close to Public Transport from NJ PATCO from Philadelphia.   Due to this change, we were also required to change the name of the business.  Thus we are now, SALVA’S SPIRITUAL SUPPLY (formerly Botanica Santa Clara).  We will be formally opening and ready to serve you at our new location on September 1st 2011.  SALVA’S SPIRITUAL SUPPLY is located 900 WHITE HORSE PIKE, UNIT A (FRONT DOOR) , OAKLYN, NJ.

If you are coming from Philadelphia, via Public Transport, the easiest way is to take the NJ PATCO train  from 8th & Market St, in Philadelphia to COLLINGSWOOD STATION.    There you can catch a cab for less than 10 dollars to our location.

The following will be available at our new location–

All sorts of spiritual and magical annointing oils

Spiritual baths, extracts and other spiritual bathing products

Spiritual sachet and dressing powders

Readings with Houngan Hector (by appointment only) or with a Mambo (walk in service)

All your spiritual help needed for las 21 Dvisiones, Sanse, Espiritismo and much more!

Hope to see you there,


Houngan Hector

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