Houngan Hector is coming to the UK

Hello dear readers,

This fall, I will be leading and offering workshops/classes, as well as readings/divination, spiritual work (spells) and more in Glastonbury . . . . For more information and to register (Don’t wait, as there are very few spaces left!  )  you can click here:


I want to thank The Grail Foundation, Witchcraft LTD and Baron’s Magic for making this all possible and hosting/coordinating the events.

I’m so excited to visit the UK again this year.  This is going to be my third trip there and I am extremely excited to see my wonderful initiates there once again!  I miss them all so much. 

I’m going to try to post more information about it soon, myself, it’s just I’ve been so super busy attending my clientel and just finished initiating someone ; )

See you there,

Houngan Hector

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